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Graffiti being removed from concrete

Graffiti removal specialists for Liverpool, Bootle, and the surrounding areas

Unwelcome graffiti can cause no end of issues and at Merseyside Exterior Cleaning, we understand that importance of swift graffiti removal! We specialise in cleaning exterior walls and premises, so why wait? Call us now for a fast response!

Removing graffiti

Choose us for the fast removal of paint from any exterior surface

It doesn’t matter whether you own a commercial or domestic property, unwanted graffiti can cause a huge issue and you will want it removed ASAP! At Merseyside Exterior Cleaning we understand the importance of removing unwanted graffiti quickly and discretely and we provide a no-nonsense approach to cleaning that we know you will appreciate! We have industrial power washers that provide non-abrasive cleaning, and we use this equipment to remove all types of paint, quickly and easily.

Our team is based in Bootle, and we provide thorough exterior cleaning throughout the Liverpool area. Our quotes are free, and our results are excellent, so why wait? If you need paint removed from your property, talk to our team now!

Graffiti and paint cleaning across Bootle and Liverpool

Fast paint removal services

Graffiti taken away swiftly with our equipment

Graffiti removal in Bootle and Merseyside

Domestic and commercial premises covered

Affordable rates for cleaning any outside surface

Free quotes available

An exterior cleaning team that offers great service and immaculate results

Spray paint can be tough to remove from any wall, footpath or building. Even if you have tried to remove graffiti and it’s not coming off, don’t panic! Call in the experts from Merseyside Exterior Cleaning in Bootle to see just how quickly and easily we can help! We are specialists in all aspects of exterior cleaning and offer both domestic jet washing and commercial jet washing. Our rates are extremely affordable too and we are proud of our fast responses. If you need a graffiti removal expert, give us a call now!

Merseyside Exterior Cleaning

For graffiti removal and cleaning services in Merseyside and the rest of Liverpool, call Merseyside Exterior Cleaning in Bootle on 07305 390158.

Conservatory roof windows

Window Cleaning

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Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Recent Work

Want to take a look at some of our cleaning services in action? View our gallery of recent work now.

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